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Women are made to be loved, not understood

Oscar Wilde, 1856 – 1900

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Do you regularly look through our catalogue wishing to create a strong and harmonious family? Cannot you make your final decision, losing your head from the number of pretty girls that is growing with every day? Maybe you have got no time for a long search and you would like to limit the number of potential fiancées?

We seek to find a partner for every our client and offer you to enjoy the benefits of our service “Individual Partner Selection”. This service involves the assistance of our experts in search of an ideal match and makes the way to acquaintance and meeting much shorter.

Please fill out the relevant form to use the service:provide your own photo, the fullest information about yourself and add your contact details thereto;

       please indicate the criteria the woman has to match. Please provide the most detailed information so that we could choose a girl that would perfectly correspond to your vision of the ideal life partner.

You can as well outline not only the desired physical characteristics and parameters, but also your preferences to education, profession, confession, attitude to children etc. In some days your inquiry will be processed by our staff members. They will select 10-15 questionnaires from our database that will match your criteria to the maximum and could be of any interest to you.

The individual selection of suitable match that we offer is a multistage process. First of all we perform selection on the basis of physical parameters with due consideration of height, weight, age, hair length and even colour of eyes. The second stage is handled by psychologists and other experts. They create psychological portraits of candidates (both girls and applicant), analyze their psychological compatibility and select several variants that are deemed optimum from the psychological point of view. Then we handle the selected questionnaires for consideration of potential fiancé.

Important! Any information we provide is true and reliable, since we hold individual interview with every girl before placing her questionnaire. We treat your data as confidential and strictly abide to privacy policy.