ID: 4398

Name: Nadezhda

Geburtsdatum: 1990

Anmelden: Stier

Wachstum: 170

Gewicht: 57

Augenfarbe: Blau

Haarfarbe: Dunkelblond

Bildung : 2 Hochschulbildungen

Beruf : HR Specialist

Rauchen: Nein

Sprachen: English

Englisch-Niveau : Elementary

Stadt: Kryvyi Rig

Familienstand : Divorced

Kinder: 1 daughter 7 y.o.

Über mich : My name is Nadezhda (in English Nora) and my name characterizes me. I believe in the best and make every effort to make my future bright and cheerful.
I graduated from music school, piano, studied vocals, and play the synthesizer.
At the same time, I graduated from the University of Mechanical Engineering and am interested in the work of mechanisms.
My work is connected with communications in a large enterprise, so from 8 am to 6 pm, I am in constant movement and communication with different people who need to be carried away by their work and create a team for an effective production process.

Hobby : In my life, the situation with regards to hobbies and interests has developed in such a way that since childhood I have found new interests to my liking, some of them were fleeting, others stretched out for a lifetime. I completely agree with the statement "A person without a hobby cannot live a happy and fulfilling life." By the time I was thirty, I had formed a rather extensive and diverse range of interests, here are the most basic ones:
Love for books, not just take a gadget and download a book, but buy a printed one);
Participation in trail marathons (extreme cross-country running at a distance of 5 km);
Gym - a healthy mind in a healthy body))
I am fond of embroidery, but only according to my mood) Music - I played synthesizer and piano, I sing in a group.

Über den Partner : I would like to meet a person next to whom I could share his interests and find support for my hobbies. For whom it will be interesting to go both to the theater and to the exhibition of new technologies. With whom you can open a new world on the weekend, even if it is a few kilometers from home.
With which you can watch the sunset and meet the sunrise as if this natural phenomenon is a rare miracle.
With whom you can laughingly change the wheel and seriously discuss the problems of the economy.
With whom one could learn to weave pigtails for our daughter and play football with our son.