ID: 3611

Name: Yana

Geburtsdatum: 1977

Anmelden: Steinbock

Wachstum: 169

Gewicht: 64

Augenfarbe: Braun

Haarfarbe: Blond

Bildung : Universität

Beruf : Instructor in Energy Practice

Rauchen: Nein

Sprachen: English

Englisch-Niveau : Elementary

Stadt: Kyiv

Familienstand : Divorced

Kinder: 1 son 23 y.o.

Über mich : I grew up in Ukraine in a beautiful family, where my father is the most beautiful person and caring man on the planet! I have a very high level of freedom since childhood, my desires, aspirations, goals, so from an early age I'm interested in trainings, esoterics, yoga, energy, energy practices, management of reality - all that helps me to achieve the desired and the feeling of happiness and pleasure always, in any situation, every minute of life! I'm very interested in everything new: new technologies not only in science and technology, but also! in the management of emotions, energy, destiny - physical reality! I have big plans for life! I really want a child in great love with her husband! I collect materials for writing books, I have 10 years of experience in public service.

Hobby : yoga, energy practices, trainings, management of physical reality, new scientific developments, both ecological, technical and on changing programs, foundations and as a consequence of events - physical reality; sports, travel, history, politics.

Über den Partner : The best friend and partner in life in everything, with common goals, objectives, aspirations, with which we develop in positive and pleasure and in infinite abundance and with which we will build consciously worthy. interesting, successful life for us and descendants, in complete mutual trust! Husband, father to children, protection, support! A man who feels like a real man and acts like a real man being next to me, I feel and act like a real woman!