ID: 4491

Prénom: Marina

Date de naissance: 1981

Connexion: Poissons

Croissance: 182

Poids: 65

Couleur des yeux: Vert

La couleur des ch.: Blond foncé

Formation : Université

Métier : developer

Fumeur: Non

Langues: English

Niveau de langue : Intermediate

Ville: Kyiv

État civil : Never been married

Enfants: No children

Déclaration : I love outdoor activities, walking, cycling, kayaking, skiing. It is important for me to travel, to be in nature. I am interested in self-development. For some time I was fond of esotericism, now I am studying the gestalt approach in psychology. I’m studying English. I’m studying programming, I dream of working remotely and being able to live in another country. I used to work as a teacher at a university and a math tutor, I love it, but it is not as profitable as programming.
I love sincerity, in everything I look for meaning, I try to live consciously.
I believe that common interests, common goals, and friendship are important in relations. I have had the experience of a relationship built on intimacy, and I can conclude that this does not last long. Intimacy is also important, but for a long-term relationship, you also need closeness in other areas.

Hobby : Traveling, outdoors, tracking, camping, gestalt –psychotherapy.
Sports: tracking, kayaking, skiing, cycling.

Sur le partenaire : Kind, open-minded, clever, with a sense of humor, self-supporting, attentive, traveling lover.