ID: 4333

Prénom: Natalya

Date de naissance: 1976

Connexion: Poissons

Croissance: 169

Poids: 62

Couleur des yeux: Vert

La couleur des ch.: Blond foncé

Formation : Université

Métier : Manager

Fumeur: Non

Langues: English

Niveau de langue : Intermediate

Ville: UK, Swindon

État civil : Divorced

Enfants: 2 Daughters - 22 and 10 years old

Déclaration : Beautiful, feminine, young, slim lady. I love life, I love to travel, I love to smile and enjoy my life.

Hobby : Traveling, swimming, yoga, learn English, learn the principles of proper healthy diet, reading, watching movies.

Sur le partenaire : a man with whom you want to be around, spend time, talk on different topics, be open. I appreciate when the two are comfortable with each other, openness, sense of humor. Max. age difference 15 years.