ID: 4049

Prénom: Tatyana

Date de naissance: 1987

Connexion: Lion

Croissance: 171

Poids: 50

Couleur des yeux: Bleu

La couleur des ch.: Blond

Formation : Université

Métier : EA to CEO / Head of EPA department

Fumeur: Non

Langues: English

Niveau de langue : Fluent

Langue étrangère supplémentaire : German

Ville: Kyiv

État civil : Divorced

Enfants: No children

Déclaration : I'm kind and sincere person, positive and feminine, clever and attentive, classy in all the right ways and smart, tactful and with a great sense of humor, tender and easy going, intelligent and funny. I consider myself as a mix of confidence, intelligence, ambition, and independence that comes from introspection. I have a positive attitude and try to make the best of every situation with poise and determination. I’m comfortable with who I am and truly enjoy being myself. I have active way of life: traveling, exploring new countries and cities off the beaten tourist track, cycling, painting; though sometimes I like lazy days simply relaxing while reading a book, watching some good movies or simply appreciating the beauty of the nature.

Hobby : Traveling, cycling, painting, Formula 1

Sur le partenaire : a person with a mature personality, confident, with a good sense of humor, not afraid to commit and take responsibility for his decisions, fair and kind, purposeful and financially stable. Up to 51 y.o.