ID: 3673

Name: Aleksiya

Date of birth: 1965

Sign: Gemini

Height: 173

Weight: 63

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Dark blonde

Education : 2 higher educations

Profession : Energopsychologist, nutritional nutritionist

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Elementary

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 2

About me : I love people and nature. According to friends, I am positive, friendly, patient, caring, hardworking, creative, with a good sense of humor. I'm a creative person. Vegetarian. I study Ayurveda. I help people to restore and maintain health. To please friends and acquaintances, I like to cook all sorts of healthy goodies and treat guests. This is for me a kind of meditative and creative process. 28 years (1987-2015) of my marriage gave understanding and experience to make fewer mistakes in the future and create harmonious relations in the family. I believe in love, loyalty and a happy future. I like creating home comfort and comfort, I prefer home cooking.

My hobbies : My interests. Healthy lifestyle, nutritiology and natural healing methods, energy psychology, harmonious relations, self-development, applied design, home cosiness, cooking, creating healthy food recipes, helping people in need. I like outdoor recreation, live water, I like traveling very much. I am attracted to the new, like the inner state of inspiration and admiration, when I discover new places for myself, the beauty of nature and the creations created by people. I'm interested in painting, architecture, design, technological achievements. Attract new acquaintances and communication with amazing people. I love classical, pop, blues, instrumental music, some spiritual music, theater. I prefer documentary and scientific cinema, comedy and historical subjects. I consider sports important for maintaining health, but without overload. Fitness, swimming pool, long walking tours, Pilates. Now I'm studying English. I study Ayurveda and homeopathy ..

About partner : I dream of a friendly family, of a life partner, with whom it will be mutually interesting, pleasant, and spiritually comfortable. I agree with the statement of the wise man "there is no difference in age, there is a difference in the mind and spiritual qualities." The age difference is not important. The age of the man is 45-60 years. The growth is from 185 cm Children do not matter. I like balanced, self-sufficient, self-assured (calm) men, positive-emotional, more extrovert, sexually temperamental, gentle .My attention can attract an intelligent man with versatile interests that contribute to the knowledge of the world, his business or TV He who devotes attention to his physical form, his personal and spiritual development, has no bad habits and does not have a fanatical enthusiasm for any sport, religion, social networks or gadgets.This man, who loves to learn new things, who makes efforts to create a trusting, close relationship and a strong family, always cares about his health and the environment, kind and considerate of people. I will be attracted by a man who can conquer with sincere openness, sincere, generous and grateful, who fulfills his promises, appreciates and protects close people, friendly, has a good sense of humor.