ID: 2055

Name: Anna

Date of birth: 1985

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 170

Weight: 52

Eye color: Green

Hair color: brown

Education : University

Profession : Lawyer Adviser

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English, German

Language level : Fluent

City: Saint Petersburg

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 1 son 8 y.o.

About me : I live in Kyiv, but often times visit Europe on working issues, because I work as a lawyer adviser in a German company. I have an abvance in English and am starting to learn German. My position is connected not only with legal aspects, but also with financial issues and analytical work, which also gives me participation in different projects, so every day I learn something new, that is, I never get bored at the office. I have to confess honestly, I am a really happy person and with pleasure I share this inner state with my friends and family. As a person, I am versatile developed, very positive and friendly in general, open minded as well. Sticking to a wise lifestyle. I know exactly what I want from life and always prefer honesty in everything, because I don’t like to waste my and other people's time for nothing. Despite the seriousness of my work, I am a very gentle and sensual person. I love to please my family and friends with pleasant surprises and always surround them with care and attention.

My hobbies : I like to spend my free time in different ways. I enjoy yoga and meditation, but I also love golf, horseback riding, swimming and skiing. I draw a little, in those moments when I have inspiration. I also spend a lot of time with my son. We study foreign languages ​​together, travel and play sports. I love nature and all its manifestations: sunsets and different colors of sky, sea with mountains, and even hurricanes, but the last one is only to watching from the window at home. The only thing that I do not like is the crowd and nightclubs.

About partner : I do not have a list of qualities that my man should possess. But I can clearly describe what kind of relationship I suggest you create with me. For me personally it is very important that family relations have quality and bring joy to both partners. It is important that our characters and views on life coincide. It is important that we have common goals and priorities, support each other in development and hobbies. It is also very important to accept partner as a person and mutual respect. Honesty, trust and openness in relationships - would be our guides. Well, all this should be based, of course, on mutual love and wild passion. I want and I can give love, happiness and care to my beloved man. The only one question to you: are you ready to accept it all?