ID: 4533

Name: Daria

Date of birth: 1988

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 160

Weight: 61

Eye color: Gray-blue

Hair color: Dark blonde

Education : University

Profession : Freelancer

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English, Spanish

Language level : Fluent

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : I`m a well-rounded and well-travelled person with a deep inner world. The same time I`m approachable, sociable, gentle and sweet and a little bit shy))
I enjoy spending time in a close circle of friends and family members, having barbeques in my backyard, chat, have fun and laugh. I adore spending time in the nature (especially the seaside, ocean, waterfalls, lakes, walking in a forest) as well as attending some cozy beautiful places like cute cafes, restaurants, live concerts and simply walk in a park holding my beloved man`s hand)). I love travelling to various exciting places in different parts of the world and get to know a local culture, communicating with locals, especially in their native language. My last trip was to the Dominican Republic and I was enjoying their slow-paced lifestyle, they were literally dancing and singing all the time)) It was extremely interesting to observe and learn to enjoy life like they do. And in general there are so many fascinating things to learn about and get to know! The same time, I can be sometimes a bit introverted and enjoy spending time alone, I need some quiet me time to recharge my batteries and I`d like my partner to respect it.
I totally love taking care of my appearance, doing yoga and stretching, it helps me recuperate, relax my mind and my body.
I enjoy pampering my man with affection, attention, passion, I can support and motivate, hear him out and calm him down if he had a stressful day at work. I`m like a flame in a fireplace, not the one that burns but the one that warms))
My perfect morning would be sipping a cup of coffee with my beloved man on a terrace next to our house while watching our kid playing and goofing around))
If everything you`ve just read resonates with you, I guess, we should meet))

My hobbies : Learning languages (I speak English almost like a native speaker), travelling to different parts of the world, learning the history and customs of different nations, I enjoy psychology because it gives me an insight into people around me and myself, medicine, yoga/stretching, cooking (trying out new recipes especially desserts, I can call myself a foodie)), music (listening and playing, I can play the piano), going to the theatres, concerts, restaurants. I adore interior design (it`s so pleasant for me to decorate and improve my place!)

About partner : I`d like to get acquainted with a gentleman with a serious intention to build a relationship based on love, passion, friendship and mutual support.
I admire decisive confident men with inner strength and the same time kind, gentle and loving when it comes to me, little kids and cats))
I like men with a sense of humor, interesting inner world, those who have an inquisitive mind, are full of life, capable of enjoying the moment right here and right now, those who are able and know how to court a lady, be romantic, cuddle and pamper their woman))
It would be great if we could share some hobbies and interests!
A desire to have a baby and support a future family is a necessity. An acceptable age difference is up to 20 years.