ID: 4419

Name: Ekaterina

Date of birth: 1982

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 164

Weight: 52

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Dark blonde

Education : University

Profession : Coach, writer

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Elementary

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : I try to live by my heart. I have my own internal code of honor, my values, which I will not betray for anything. I love my family and friends and I care about creating a pleasant and comfortable life for them, without worries. I love making surprises and making people happy. I love my job, thanks to which many people have radically changed their lives for the better. I love to inspire and motivate other people, I can see in people their hidden talents, abilities, and strengths, inspire and motivate them to reveal. I am very compassionate. For a long time, I was a zoological volunteer, rescuing animals from difficult conditions. Many people tell me that I can create a special atmosphere, a special space in which they want to be. And, of course, I love my writing inspiration: when I am completely captured by the plot of a new book and I write the story of the heroes without stopping.

My hobbies : I like to be creative - to paint, knit, sculpt from clay; I am fond of home floriculture.

About partner : For me, in relationship with my man, it should be equally comfortable under a blanket by the fireplace and on the red carpet. Intellect - it should be interesting with a man, I want to reach out to him, to feel that he is one step ahead and I have something to learn from him. Wisdom is the ability to find compromises and solutions where it seems that there are none. Mindfulness - I am always fascinated when a man notices little things and then uses it to create pleasant moments. The ability to act - I believe that a man shows his attitude towards a woman by concrete actions, not words. Stability and persistence - a man should not "deflate" and "break" at the first difficulty, he has enough strength to achieve any goal. Enthusiasm - I'm turned on by a man who burns what he does.