ID: 444

Name: Helen

Date of birth: 1981

Sign: Taurus

Height: 160

Weight: 55

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Blonde

Education : University

Profession : Travel guide

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English, Italian

Language level : Fluent

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : People around me and new experiences are crucial, so I am fun and easygoing and I enjoy being the center of attention. Luckily, my work requires such qualities. I do sightseeing tours and constantly put on show for others to entertain people and make them happy. I am ready to share lots of jokes and interesting facts (this is one of the reasons why I read books) I am practical person, although I dislike structure and routine, I would prefer to receive as a present something functional. Also, I learn best from my experience not from books and theories. Usually, I am sympathetic and concerned for others well-being and like to give practical care for the ones I love. Definitely, I am an optimistic and spontaneous person, intuition also plays an important role. Sometimes, I can be direct and strong - I don't give up easily. Down to earth and sensual - I enjoy intimacy with all my five senses and highly interested in making my man happy. I like beauty around me, especially a cozy home where you can relax, watch nice movies or read, drink wine or eat good food with your friends and relatives etc. And I am ready to work for that! I like to realize that people around feel at ease with me and it requires flexibility and sense of humor - a great gift to see sparkles in eyes you love! And one more good feature about me - I am goal-oriented. Now my goal is to meet YOU in order to enjoy stable relations based on understanding, respect and love and to grow kids together.

My hobbies : I like to be active and stay fit. When I was a teenager I used to attend a volleyball team. It gave me not only fit body but also I learned to be organized when it is needed and more important I made lots of friends! Now I have a bicycle - this is really great way to spend free time - it helps to get to know better place where you live. Moreover, I do jogging and attend swimming pool and sauna once a month. I love winter time. Do you know why? Not only for Christmas and New year, I love to go to a riverbank in order to fortify against colds, it really helps to stay young not only in my heart. That's what I do regularly. I am very curious person, so I used to attend yoga classes, now I practice yoga-nidra - very effective relaxation practice, it is important in our hustle-and-bustle life to know how to relax and sleep like a baby:) When I was at the university I remember we went with a group mountain hiking. That was really great experience to feel the diversity of our planet. Isn't that great? I would love to do it more. A month ago together with a friend I attended zumba class - I love dancing - but sometimes in a night-club it is hard because of crowd and smoke, so I prefer to go to classes from time to time. And this Christmas I bought for myself as a gift rollers in order to learn how to skate. That is my plan this year. Also, I have a car and sharpen my driving skills. Apart from my body, I like to train another important muscle - my brain. To read a book or to study new language or to learn how to do something new plays an important role in my life. And there are still lots of books to read on my shelve... Several years ago I also discovered that cooking also is very fun thing to do - I learn how to cook one new recipe a week, so I know how to pamper my nearest and dearest:) I should say that "I am in love with English at first sound", so playing scrabble I find really entertaining. And as many extroverted people I like socializing - visiting different countries, concerts, exhibitions, restaurants etc. My motto - Learn something new every day in your life!

About partner : I would love to meet a man who has a plan for one day, one month, one year and our life. Strong physically and spiritually. A man who loves to be with his woman - e. g. to be fun and communicative, be ready with some advice or help - initiative, sensual and active. And I am sure that you have many, many more qualities that are worth to be proud and appreciated! And I would love to learn lots of things from my man. Are you ready to show and teach me? Come and visit me in Kiev to share about your achievements and desires... I am all ears and eyes. Let me be artistic with you: Some people never say the words: "I love you" But like a child I am longing to be told.