ID: 4243

Name: Irina

Date of birth: 1978

Sign: Aries

Height: 174

Weight: 64

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: brown

Education : University

Profession : Consultant/Manager

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Fluent

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : I would describe myself as a good looking, healthy and energetic person who likes many things in life: love, family, work, exploring new things, travelling and discovering places and nature, reading, spending time in a good company of friends, art and sports. I am ready for the family as the first priority; I am realized as a professional and want to be realized as wife and mother.I travelled to many countries and have an open set of mind to other cultures, religions, traditions and love to inherit new things from other cultures.

My hobbies : Even though enjoying a multitude of different things is true to me, there is a healthy balance of combining energy and enthusiasm with slow and cozy things, like cooking a tasty dinner and enjoying it with a glass of good wine at home and enjoying the lazy evening cuddling on the sofa next to the fireplace and/or mornings in the bad with the loved one. I also like reading, do yoga and meditation. The comfort at home is important to me as well. My home is an extension of myself and my loved one and I like to spend time to create comfort at the family nest.

About partner : I am looking for somebody with whom I can share his life, and who is willing to share my life. I really look forward to meet my husband, friend and lover, three in one. I enjoy giving energy to people I love, but I also find take-and-give model in relationships important. High romance and grand gestures are very much appreciated, but also all the little caring ones in between. I myself would be delighted to do small things that make my partner happy and would be delighted to receive attention and care from my husband.