ID: 4559

Name: Lisa

Date of birth: 1994

Sign: Taurus

Height: 181

Weight: 63

Eye color: Green-brown

Hair color: brown

Education : University

Profession : Model/hostess, freelance

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Fluent

Additional foreign language : French elementary

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : I’m kind, sensitive and open-hearted person. Love to see the reflections of me in other people and world around. I believe we’re deeply connected with one another as humans and with nature. I trust my intuition and my inner guide. I adore adventures and will definitely have many things to share with my grandchildren in future.

My hobbies : Yoga (currently I’m near getting a certification for yoga teaching), singing, travelling, arts, exploring different cultures. I’m also into spiritual and energy practices, healing and quantum physics. Deeply feeling that each of us is a creator of our reality. I’ve been doing lots of healing for myself and also helping other people. Step by step, I’m moving towards my dream of expressing my fullest potential, through creativity, intuition and different powerful instruments like breathing techniques or yoga.

About partner : Looking forward to meet my partner, with whom we’ll be highly resonating and complete each other in a beautiful union. Mutual respect, love and support. I love when a man has a fire inside, passion for life and when he’s actively moving towards their goals and dreams. Also I highly appreciate a good sense of humor, so that we move through life together with grace and joy. Wanna feel secure and protected as a woman with my future partner.