ID: 836

Name: Olga

Date of birth: 1986

Sign: Cancer

Height: 166

Weight: 60

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: brown

Education : University

Profession : Finance

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English, Polish

Language level : Fluent

City: Dubai

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : My greatest fear is that I will stop growing. I never want anything to put a screeching halt on my personal progression. My entire life I have a feeling that I’m different. I can comfort any person and to be a true friend for everyone, person who people enjoys a lot. But to be truly myself I could just with a few people in my life. Im calling this people“”my blood”. Someone whose strengths complement my strengths because we look at life from acutely different angles. To me, love isn\'t about settling; it\'s about adventure. It\'s about finding that person who has the guts and ambition to travel the world side by side with me.

My hobbies : Healthy Lifestyle Psychology Webinars about self development Traveling, but to adventures destinations Socializing,networking. Dancing 

About partner : I DON'T WANT ROUTINE. I WANT PASSION.I don't want every day to be exactly the same. I don\'t want to have the same conversations over the same meal every single night for the rest of my life. I want a blazing passion that sparks a fire within me. I want to be with someone who makes my heart skip a beat and whose touch attains the ability to light up my entire body. Because I'm not just looking for a partner; I'm looking for a partner in crime. I\'m not just looking for love but for someone who can keep up with me.
 A man up to 45 years old.