ID: 4556

Name: Victoria

Date of birth: 1985

Sign: Aries

Height: 182

Weight: 69

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Blonde

Education : 2 higher educations

Profession : network marketing/ blogger, model

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Intermediate

Additional foreign language : Latvian Italian intermediate

City: Riga

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 1 son 2 months

About me : Open, sociable, kind-hearted, romantic person some times stubborn like an Aries but in most cases - an extrovert. I like have an active lifestyle and open ppl with a good sense of humor. I cook when have inspiration. I have a 9 y.o. french bulldog (girl) and a 2 month little son. I love the Alps and skiing. I'm a person who needs on solar energy, without the sun i'm fading so I dream of living in a warmer country. Switzerland is my favorite place nowaday. In the past i was an entrepreneur. For 5 years i've been running my own business Spa studio lux class in the prestigious district of Riga. Also have been organized exhibitions in Europe for 6 years. Currently I work in flexible schedule by various fields: as a florist, model, blogger and network marketing.

My hobbies : In the past, the soloist of the Latvian pop group FORS - tours, video and photo shootings, performances for large audiences and etc. I love the audience and communication, so I feel comfortable in the camera and social media. Fitness, hiking, longboarding, wakeboarding, alpine skiing the activities without I can't fully enjoy my life. This year I took two online courses for TV presenters. I'd like to work on television, host an entertaining show. I love travel and dream to visit the most remote beautiful places on the planet. I studied Italian as a hobby, a beautiful language and a beautiful country motivated me to do it so.. Also I draw neurographics and sometimes make vegan desserts.

About partner : Confident initiative with a good sense of humor with charisma "man of his word" a beautiful manifestation of oneself as a man: care, attention, generosity, the ability to listen and talk, take responsibility. Height above 182 in good physical shape good-looking and with a charming smile. Age 35-45 y.o