ID: 3962

Name: Yuliya

Date of birth: 1980

Sign: Libra

Height: 160

Weight: 49

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Blonde

Education : University

Profession : Art Director

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Fluent

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 2 daughter 10 y.o. son 6 y.o

About me : I'm cheerful, sociable, responsible, creative person, can be pragmatic if necessary (for work), in my personal life, i'm totally conversely, very open as everyone in the family says. Not greedy for loved ones. Gullible (but I've been fighting with it all my life). I lead an active lifestyle, like physical activity moderately but constantly. I don't drink alcohol (sometimes I can have a glass of good wine in a pleasant company). I don't use cigarettes, drugs (strongly against). I really like to learn everything new, to travel. I can say about myseld i'm pretty curious, there are no things that would be difficult for me, if you need to do or study something, then I do it. Suchwise show an example for my children. I'm demanding to myself, self-critical sometimes. I love make surprises and I love get them too. My motto is: "We make a holiday in life for ourselves, so I just became this holiday")) for me, bodily compatibility is important, I must fall in love with a partner not only with my brains but also with my body. Everything, as ppl say, should be in harmony.

My hobbies : Sport, travel, my job is my own hobby). Everything that happens every day is already interesting and I perceive it as an interesting adventure)

About partner : We are different but we look in the same direction. And since opposites attract, creating their own special field, I can assume that my partner will be something like this: He has a decisive character, confident in himself and his capabilities. Calm and balanced. Perhaps a mix of sanguine and phlegmatic. Nevertheless, it is quite reactive in situations where urgent make right decisionis. Only in healthy body is healthy spirit (mind). so do sport regularly. Like have experiment, in some issues and some overly conservative. In some matters, he is very pedantic. Attentive to details. If he takes up something, he does it perfectly. Like travel as i do. Perhaps he has more than one business. He understands that passive income is what you need to strive for, and perhaps by this time he was able to understand how to balance in this direction. Has a positive mind. Loves children. And he can probably be an excellent teacher. Clarity of mind and with big heart. Age from 30 to 45 y.o.