Tours to Ukraine to find the bride

The reason for tours to Ukraine

Well, you’ve met her. A woman of your dreams and she’s super pleasing to your eye and heart. There is only one tiny detail: you’ve never seen her personally, as she is someone whom you’re chatting online, on a dating site. So, really, she can be a bearded guy of 50+ sitting in front of a laptop in trunks drinking beer and scratching a belly, whilst submitting to you pictures of some gorgeous model. Surely, you can arrange a video call (and you should do so) but that is still not a 100% guarantee of her being what she is telling you she is. That is the first reason why you should go to see her in person. And, preferably, spend several days with her as fruitfully as possible, to see her in flesh, feel her smell, touch her hair, and look into her blue or gray eyes that shine under the sunlight, to eventually feel if there is any chemistry between you.

Another quite obvious reason to go to Ukraine in person if you haven’t met anyone online to try your luck personally. That is a risky one with the possibility to get back home without a tangible result. Luckily, we are the agency, who can organize a fruitful tour to Ukraine to you, which is going to include guaranteed meetings with women pre-selected by you.

Organizing Ukraine marriage tours

To organize such a guaranteed tour, you have to:

  1. Sign a contract with us.
  2. Make a moderate, reasonable payment.
  3. Pick ladies from our catalog, whom you’d like to meet with. As a rule, in Ukraine, you are going to meet from 5 to 10 women during one trip, through several consequent days. Those who are going to be liked by you and who are expressing mutual interest can spend with you more time in privacy.

We are going to take care of everything during such tours:

  1. We are bringing you from the airport to your hotel or rented apartment, and back.
  2. We are delivering you to the place of meeting with women (for instance, this can be a restaurant), where you are going to have fun and tasty meals. Every day, you will have several meetings with ladies, about 1-2 hours with each (it’s like speed dating only arranged specifically for you).
  3. If you experience the language barrier, we are going to provide you an interpreter.
  4. If you seem to like a woman during this trip, we can help you in the arrangement of transferring her to your country – for living with you or straight for marriage.

Self-organized tour

There is such a thing as a self-organized tour, where you buy tickets, plan places and cities in Ukraine to visit. You are going to wander streets, visit cafes, restaurants, and exhibitions trying to find a woman on your own. There are fewer chances for success in such an approach but they are still present, so don’t neglect this option as well.

Two biggest reasons to visit Ukraine in person

  1. To see ladies with your own eyes to make sure that dating sites are not filled with models only – the biggest part of Ukrainian women are pretty and a fair share of them are beautiful. Sure, if there are so many pretty women walking down the streets in Ukraine, you will realize that it’s not a scam that there are so many pretty women on the pages on your dating site.
  2. To taste the local cuisine and to ponder whether this is what you want to eat at home – as your future Ukrainian wife is going to cook like this (yes, no doubt, she will adopt some share of your country’s cuisine).