ID: 4397

Nome: Olesya

Data di nascita: 1985

Entra: Toro

Crescita: 163

Peso: 59

Colore degli occhi: Blu

Colore dei capelli: Biondo scuro

Educazione : University

Professione : Lawyer

Fumo: No

Lingue: English

Livello di inglese : Intermediate

Città: Kyiv

Stato civile : Never been married

Bambini: No children

Dichiarazione : I am smart and educated, I always strive for self-improvement, I never rest on my laurels, there is no limit to my goals and dreams! I have a good sense of humor and am optimistic. I believe that nothing is impossible, any goals and dreams are achievable, you just need to believe in yourself, in the higher forces that help us, take active steps towards the goal and dream, and, of course, be positive about everything, what Life brings us. I want to meet my beloved, not just my husband, but my soul mate, my companion, and partner, with whom we will connect our lives, our dreams, aspirations, joys, and sorrows and will go hand in hand in life. I want to create a strong and happy family, give birth to a child (or maybe children), give my husband and our child (or our children) unlimited love that lives in my heart, care, and warmth. I dream of a big, cozy and beautiful house in which we live our happy, friendly and strong family, I dream of a house that will become our small world for our family, our quiet haven, in which you can escape from worldly vanity and worries in the atmosphere unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance. For me, family well-being is a priority, but I want to develop professionally at the same time. I plan to get a law degree in the country where I will live with my husband and continue my legal career. Together with my husband, I dream of traveling, learning new cultures, mentalities, I want to learn as much as possible about this beautiful world and all this I want to do together. I love reading, I love high-quality music (I even played the piano as a child), I like to play sports and generally do everything that can make me more beautiful and healthier: healthy eating, training, etc. I want for many, many years to be a beautiful and young woman, an interesting personality for my husband and our children. I am a gourmet and an esthetician, therefore I really love everything tasty and beautiful.

Hobby : Books, music, sports (currently a gym).

Sul partner : My man is smart and educated. He is purposeful and successful in his business, sets goals and achieves them, is not afraid of mistakes and failures, but perceives them as experience, a lesson, and opportunities. For my man, our future family (me and our children) should be the most important value in life, the incentive that inspires new victories, and the support that inspires in difficult moments. My man respects and appreciates women because it is a woman who first gives life, and then fills her with love, bright colors, and warmth. My man leads a healthy lifestyle because he loves life and seeks to get as much from it as possible. He is caring and attentive to his one and only. He likes to travel and learn something new.