ID: 4245

Nome: Svetlana

Data di nascita: 1978

Entra: Cancro

Crescita: 176

Peso: 54

Colore degli occhi: Gray-blue

Colore dei capelli: Bionda

Educazione : University

Professione : Manager in charity organisation

Fumo: No

Lingue: English

Livello di inglese : Fluent

Città: Odessa

Stato civile : Divorced

Bambini: 1 Daughter - 21 years old

Dichiarazione : I live in the city located on the sea coast. Perhaps this is the reason why I adore the sea. I like to meet sunsets and sunrises on the coast. I live with my parents with whom I have close relations. They are very benevolent sociable people. My daughter lives in other city. She studies at medical university. The most part of my life I paid attention to my family and my daughter, and I don't regret for it because it bore fine results. I can tell, I'm for 100% the honest person, but I am always careful with words, I don't like to wound. I know what I want, but I am flexible nature, and it is in most cases ready to go on compromises. Equality in a relationship and ability to appreciate each other is important for me. In my opinion the aspiration to mutual understanding and ability to look at a situation eyes of the partner is an important component of a strong relationship. I am the happy person, but for quite happiness I would meet the good loving person who wants to share with me pleasure of joint life and happy family.

Hobby : Embroidery beads of pictures Argentina tango Sports: fitness

Sul partner : I'm looking for a reliable man, self-sufficient, ready to create a family, with sense of humor, kind, honest, open-minded, generous, with active life position.