ID: 4506

Nome: Vera

Data di nascita: 1983

Entra: Cancro

Crescita: 172

Peso: 75

Colore degli occhi: Grigio

Colore dei capelli: Biondo scuro

Educazione : University

Professione : Manager

Fumo: No

Lingue: English

Livello di inglese : Intermediate

Città: Kyiv

Stato civile : Never been married

Bambini: No children

Dichiarazione : Nice, active, balanced, easy to talk to. I love animals, especially cats, and horses. I cook well, I can do a lot of things with my hands and I love handicrafts. I know how to ride. I love to dance very much and I dance at least 2 times a week (social waltzes, tango Viejo, vintage dances). I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle without distortions.
I am now studying interior design courses.

Hobby : Dancing (social waltzes, tango viejo, ancient dances), horse riding, interior design, handicrafts. I would love to expand this list, especially in the context of dancing and handicrafts, but there is not enough free time. I mainly do needlework when I need to make a costume for a dance or make a gift.

Sul partner : I am looking for a person for healthy, happy, harmonious relationships, with whom it will be possible to create a family in the future.
I really appreciate in men initiative, honesty in relationships, a healthy sense of humor, striving for development (or, better to say, actions aimed at development), activity, ease of communication, dedication, and understanding of their desires and goals in life.
Ability to earn worthy and build relationships.
I will be infinitely glad if my chosen one learns to dance with me. Dancing gives an unforgettable and incomparable sensation.
Absolutely NO to men who smoke, abuse alcohol, suffer from other destructive addictions.
I cannot be with a jealous or oppressive person. I believe that we must respect each other and each other's personal space.