ID: 4558

Nome: Yulia

Data di nascita: 1978

Entra: Toro

Crescita: 158

Peso: 46

Colore degli occhi: Marrone

Colore dei capelli: Nero

Educazione : 2 higher educations

Professione : Osteopath, yoga coach, teacher

Fumo: No

Lingue: English

Livello di inglese : Fluent

Lingua straniera aggiuntiva : German intermediate

Città: Kyiv

Stato civile : Never been married

Bambini: 2 Son 22 y.o and daughter 15 y.o

Dichiarazione : I was born and raised in the city by the sea. Love nature and a great interest in how the world works from childhood determined my hobbies and aspirations. I've graduated excellently from a specialized mathematical school, although an increased interest in the fate of my young independent homeland led me to the Faculty of History to study political science and sociology. I like communicate with ppl and therefore, in parallel with studying at the university, I got carried away by psychology, especially family and children psychology. After graduation, I worked but for a long time in the election campaign of one deputy, because I got married and gave birth to a son. 7 years later, shortly after the birth of my daughter, I realized my love for literature and languages ​​in professional education, having entered and successfully graduated from the second university. After 20 years of marriage, I became a widow. All this time I was a housewife and realized my competencies in many social and charitable projects. Developing the skills of responsible communication, non-violence, a healthy lifestyle and a holistic approach to what is happening, I entered a yoga and health systems school. Body and concentration training in many ways became the key to my new professional heights and I entered the East European School of Osteopathy.Today I practice osteopathy and advise in the mainstream of a holistic worldview, where not only the body constitution at the moment is combined, but also a deep awareness of psychosomatic and contextual psychological aspects in each case. I'm quite emotional and have a high level of empathy. But over the years of training and new experience as an osteopath, I've fully learned to combine proactivity and the silent presence of an observer. This brought new ideas into my life and I continue to marvel at the wisdom of the universe. I'm neat, but not fanatic. I respect other people's rules the same time try to dissolve boundaries and don't' fight in them like a bird in a cage by myself.

Hobby : I really like to spend my free time active and productive together with my loved one or with friends. I like to play table tennis, billiards, bowling, mini golf. I'm happy to organize picnics and walks outdoor. Cycling and traveling by car i also like. I recently tried kiting and freediving and would like to develop in this direction too. I dance salsa, bachata, kizomba. Also i like cook dishes from different countries and improvise. I love travel and learn the culture of different lands, their history and culture. I often bring these novelties into my life and i'm always glad to learn more about the world. At the moment I study modern science related to my work: such as linguistic theory of genetics, quantum physics and traditional Chinese medicine (qigong).

Sul partner : I really want to meet a partner with whom we could create new conditions for obtaining interesting and exciting experiences in different areas of life. It's important for me to understand the feelings of the man next to me and, in turn, be able to feel myself naturally and safely. For me, openness to other views and a sufficient level of self-organization are valuable so that we can lead and have a dialogue. I really appreciate the politeness and cleanliness, a wide range of interests and the desire to accept me into this circle.I want to be loved and desired spouse, so it's great if my beloved man takes care of his physical shape. It is important for me to feel male care and support, because I don't confess the principles of emancipation and adhere to traditional views in matters of family life.