ID: 3234

Ім'я: Anastasiia

Дата народження: 1981

Знак зодіаку: Овен

Зріст: 175

Вага: 58

Колір очей: Блакитні

Колір волосся: Blonde

Освіта : Університет

Професія : Photographer

Паління: No smoking

Знання мов: English

Рівень мови : Fluent

Місто: Minsk, Belarus

Сімейний стан : Never been married

Діти: No children

Про себе : I was born and raised in Minsk. I graduated from college, then university. Secondary banking education, higher legal. I worked in a bank, I realized that it was too boring for me. Passed casting, training and hit the TV. I worked as a weather presenter and interviewed Russian show business stars. Then I went to France, shot plots for television from the Cannes festival, and other events. For two years. Now I want to create a harmonious relationship. Build a family and give birth to children. At the moment I am in Minsk.

Хобі : My hobby is photo. I like to photograph people, women, especially pregnant women. I develop and constantly learning in this business. In December, at the master class guru pictures from New York. Training lasted for 7 days in Spain and Portugal. In Moscow, Kiev, a lot of very photographers who take private lessons. I also like to create a cosiness in the house. To be comfortable, beautiful and elegant. I like to help others. As my grandmother taught me. After all, to do a good deed is not necessary to have a lot of money. You can buy a package of carrots elderly person, to make a woman a compliment, take unwanted clothes to the orphanage. So we keep the harmony in the world.

Про партнера : I need a smart, honest and decent man. To whom family is a very important moment in life. He wants a family and child. Respectful of women. Who knows what he wants. Courteous, gallant, purposeful, with sense of humor, sports.