ID: 4172

Ім'я: Valentina

Дата народження: 1973

Знак зодіаку: Телець

Зріст: 167

Вага: 54

Колір очей: Блакитні

Колір волосся: Blonde

Освіта : Університет

Професія : Entrepreneur

Паління: No smoking

Знання мов: Spanish

Рівень мови : No

Місто: Kyiv

Сімейний стан : Divorced

Діти: 1 daughter 25 y.o.

Про себе : My interest in life is to improve the needs of self-realization, and discover something new and interesting in myself and in the world. In addition to my work, I do real estate and landscape design. I am an active, purposeful and self-sufficient person. But now I want to Stop and start a family and live together in our house. I know exactly what I want from life and what I want to do next.

Хобі : I like active sports, skiing, surfing, rollerblading. I read a lot, learn Spanish, enjoy music and cooking.

Про партнера : I am looking for a man who will be intelligent, self-sufficient and generous. A person who can respect, appreciate and love. Up to 55 y.o.