Below, we give some pieces of advice to Western men who want to become acquainted with Ukrainian single woman. This advice based on a list of common mistakes Westerners do when they meet Ukrainian ladies.

  1. Only consider her outward appearance.

Hey, man, you aren’t going to live with a picture hanged on the wall – she is an alive person with her pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. So if she looks now at the batch of her pictures as a glamorous model from a glossy magazine, it doesn’t mean she looks this way in the every-day life too. Thus, due to this mistake, 20% of single women receive 80% of messages and letters from potential partners. However, you have to understand they only look prettier than others do.

Everything may change when you meet a lady in person. She can look absolutely ordinary, just like thousands of others.

No, we are not saying that beauty is worthless in the match process. All you have to do – is to consider a factor of appearance as one of many, including such important ones as her mind, experience, education, heart-openness, wisdom, desire to be your supporter walking through life, and what is called ‘the buzz’ – that feeling you have met ‘your’ person. So many, yes, but they must be all considered thoroughly if you want to succeed in your searches, not keep on looking for years or decades.

  1. Only look for a model to the envy of all your friends.

This is the logical continuation of the problem No. 1, but wider. Sometimes men only want to find a good picture, a model, to be their partner for outdoor events. On them, all their friends and colleagues would look at their Ukrainian lady saying she’s a true beauty from one of Ukrainian free dating sites. Of course, your self-esteem will rise above the mountains because of that.

But what’s next, when you return home after dating is over? Will you put her in sheaths? Or in the closet? No, you can’t – she is a person just like you, so you will have to fill up 95% of your time between parties with something more than just a love to feeling of your supremacy.

Besides, women like these models almost never want to find an ordinary man to tie their lives with – they also want self-esteem’s realization, a rich fellow who’d make them shine as a diamond 24/7/365 and be the brightest star on the firmament of vanity fair. Isn’t this a portrait of a lady you want to live in relationship with? If not, try to avoid a mistake number two.

  1. Not stopping when you find a good lady.

Have you found someone who at least 90% good for you among singles? She doesn’t chuckle like a chicken and doesn’t crackle with knuckles? She is perfect! Take her and marry.

Of course, we are exaggerating. But if you already have found a suitable soulmate, why are you still keep on looking for anyone better, blonder, softer, wiser…? This mistake No. 3 doesn’t make you hold still with a fine and you keep on looking for a finer. If you cherish your future happiness, just stop. Okay?

  1. Not placing your photo on a dating site.

So, do you want to find a pretty lady not giving them anything in return? Do you think that only you choose and women don’t? So it’s like they have to judge you on the way you talk, your job, and how big your house is? Well, these are definitely parts of what’s called ‘family happiness’, but before they will have a chance to get into your head, they have to see you in the first place. Nobody wants a pig in a poke.

But please do not go in the opposite extremity: don’t post a hundred photos of extremely well-looking muscled fellow as only a small percentage of women believes you can really look so. There are many scum backs, phishers, and scammers who use the similar thing: post a super-handsome photo with the mega-attractive story of their life and require money or your bank account requisites in the soonest lettering.

Be yourself to make free dating: a modest and life-loving fellow who is in search for warm and kind women. You choose and you are chosen too, remember that.

  1. Being too obtrusive.

Western men wish to understand that a lady of their interest is the same interested in them. That’s why they send a letter, and then – a wink, and SMS, and another SMS, and 101 another SMS in two hours. Women from Ukraine are more restrained and thoughtful about communication. If you will demonstrate that meddlesomeness, they’d rather prefer not to answer you at all and to choose another guy.

Instead of it, you’d better decrease a daily limit of your SMS to two per day: wishing her a good day in the morning and a good night in the evening. Maybe, make a Skype call a couple times a week.

  1. A desire to meet as many Ukrainian women as possible during one go.

Well, you can use the Internet and dating sites to become acquainted with as many women as you want. But don’t try to gather them in a pile – if you’ve found one you seem to be interested in, agree on the day of your arrival to Ukraine to have a date with her. Otherwise, if you won’t be open and answering, keeping silence is not a good thing to continue your relations. So a lady might be started to be interested in someone else instead.