ID: 3992

Nome: Tatyana

Data di nascita: 1987

Entra: Vergine

Crescita: 162

Peso: 52

Colore degli occhi: Verde

Colore dei capelli: brown

Educazione : University

Professione : Stats (Marketing)

Fumo: No


Livello di inglese : No

Città: Kyiv

Stato civile : Never been married

Bambini: No children

Dichiarazione : Controlfreak (mild), there is a tendency to perfectionism, conservatism. Therefore, anyone who is looking for ease, simplicity and accessibility is not for me. With me it is necessary to make efforts, to give time and attention, in return, I will present tenderness, warmth and care. There are no psychological traumas and offenses on men. Fully adequate and well-formed personality, with my own views and concepts of certain things. With all of my ideal flaws, it is enough to open the mind as a person. Independent. I know who I want. The energy of a person and mutual emotions are extremely important to me, this is the basis of communication. Free time is not as much as I would like, but with mutual interest everything will work.

Hobby : Waxing, design and modeling of basic patterns (women's clothing).

Sul partner : A keen mind, sport body, sense of humor and cheerful disposition. Not inclined to dramas and youthful maximalism. Able to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Owns spoken Russian.