ID: 4538

Ім'я: Svetlana

Дата народження: 1971

Знак зодіаку: Риби

Зріст: 168

Вага: 70

Колір очей: Коричневі

Колір волосся: Chestnut

Освіта : Університет

Професія : Dermatologist-oncologist

Паління: No smoking

Знання мов: English

Рівень мови : Elementary

Місто: Dnepr

Сімейний стан : Divorced

Діти: 1 daughter 25 y.o.

Про себе : I am a doctor with four specializations (pediatrics, dermatology, oncology, healthcare organization). I love my job and spend most of my life on it. I relax through yoga and meditation.

Хобі : I lead an active lifestyle. I love to travel, get acquainted with the cultures of other nations. In my free time, I do social dances - bachata and kizomba. I am studying vocalalready 2 years. I love animals and birds. I love long walks and swimming. Sometimes, I enjoy watching romantic films and reading interesting books. I am engaged in self-development, I am interested in psychology and philosophy (do psychological practices)

Про партнера : I prefer open and sincere men. Appearance is not important, it is important the coincidence of worldview, similar life values, generosity and kindness, the willingness to mutually take responsibility for what is happening. It will be great if interests coincide. Appreciate a goood sense of humour. Desired age group (from-to): 45-55