ID: 4542

Prénom: Anna

Date de naissance: 1975

Connexion: Cancer

Croissance: 168

Poids: 68

Couleur des yeux: Marron

La couleur des ch.: Blond

Formation : Titulaire de 2 diplômes d'études supérieures

Métier : painter

Fumeur: Non

Langues: English

Niveau de langue : Fluent

Langue étrangère supplémentaire : Spanish

Ville: Krakow

État civil : Never been married

Enfants: 1 daughter 18 y.o.

Déclaration : I am a painter with an international career. I've been living in Europe for 25 years. At the moment in Krakow.. but I'm going to Holland or Denmark because I work there with a gallery. I work with Galleries all over Europe. Winter in the Canary Islands. I am a very cheerful positive creative person. I want to find a single partner and find a man's shoulder and look in one direction together and trust completely to each other.

Hobby : Ocean sea. Diving, swimming, fishing, art, film, music and literature.

Sur le partenaire : He has to be independent and wealthy. With adults childrenalready. To understand and appreciate art and love the Ocean and travel.