ID: 4504

Prénom: Anna

Date de naissance: 1991

Connexion: Capricorne

Croissance: 165

Poids: 56

Couleur des yeux: Bleu

La couleur des ch.: Noir

Formation : Titulaire de 2 diplômes d'études supérieures

Métier : Therapist, dermatologist, nutritionist. Have own health center.

Fumeur: Non

Langues: English

Niveau de langue : Fluent

Ville: Kyiv

État civil : Never been married

Enfants: No children

Déclaration : I am a doctor - therapist, dermatologist, and nutritionist. Founder of the women's community of healthy and happy women in Ukraine. I have my own business - a large health-improving project. And this is my mission in our world - to make people healthy.
My work is my hobby. I am constantly learning and teaching, leading people along with me. I help to become healthier and together we are moving towards active longevity :)
I am a very disciplined person, I have unrealistically cool time management, I am punctual, I have many goals that I successfully achieve.
I have been practicing daily meditation for 4 years, without skipping, I am well versed in the work of the brain, I like biohacking. Today I am again a student - I am finishing my 3rd degree - the Institute of Functional Medicine (anti-aging medicine, medicine of longevity) on the basis of the Institute of Functional Medicine in the USA.

Hobby : I am a beautiful, positive, well-read, athletic lady.
I love to travel, where I've been.
I do everything in a high, I love my life.
I love dancing and I love sports and every day of my life is fun.

Sur le partenaire : I want to feel that this is "My" person. Describing who I want is of course good, but you have to feel and trust your spiritual feelings.
There may not be some qualities, but there will be others. Therefore, I will write in general what I would like for sure:
- age 30-45
-successful, happy with life, kind
- pleasant appearance, no bad habits
- caring and attentive