ID: 4101

Prénom: Elena

Date de naissance: 1977

Connexion: Verseau

Croissance: 174

Poids: 55

Couleur des yeux: Gris

La couleur des ch.: Blond foncé

Formation : Université

Métier : Designer

Fumeur: Non

Langues: English

Niveau de langue : Elementary

Ville: Kyiv

État civil : Divorced

Enfants: 2 daughters 14 and 21 y.o.

Déclaration : I am the most mysterious person I know. Absolutely incompatible traits coexist in me: childlike spontaneity and an analytical mind, cynicism and tenderness, seriousness and a sense of humor ... Only a strong man will definitely cope with me.

Hobby : Love people. I love my job and everything related to design and art. I cook tasty and with pleasure. The best rest is nature, sports, dancing, good cinema, pleasant conversation, traveling.

Sur le partenaire : I have been married twice, and both times for love. And both times, love eventually faded away. Now I'm looking for a man with whom we will build love. So that over time she grew and strengthened! Up to 55 y.o.