ID: 3228

Name: Irina

Date of birth: 1978

Sign: Scorpio

Height: 168

Weight: 57

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Dark blonde

Education : University

Profession : Director of a field hockey club

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Fluent

City: Sumy

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : I am a person who loves life and people. I believe anyone's happiness comes from harmony within, not from outside factors and even not from a partner. I would love to be in a loving relationship, the one that enables my growth and supports my dreams, but the relationship doesn't have to define who you are and who you are not. Two people should compliment each other and add to the hapiness, not subtract from it. I believe in goodness of people and I believe what goes around comes around. So I am trying to live my life doing good deads whenever I can for the people that need it or deserve it or total strangers. I have top business education, gratuated from one of the world top programs in finance, but I am not working in the field. I have lived in several foreign countries loving for studies and work. Altogether I spent 12 years abroad. I realize that I want to be close to the family or have a chance to visit my loved ones often. I want to find a person who is wise and complete and who want to build a family and have children while being permanently in love with me.

My hobbies : I love stimulating things, this includes books, ted talks, documentaries, independent movies, museums, live music, sports (not too crazy, because I am generally a mellow person), photography, architecture, design, etc. I love dancing, when I was a child I devoted 7 years to ballroom dances. It remained a passion of mine till this day. When I have a chance I do latin dances, including salsa, bachata, merenge, etc. I am active socially, I want to bring a positive change to local communities. I apply to financial programs in order to improve the "little" world we live in, this past year I won in one of them. I have an active political position, I believe that people are responsible for the world they live in, so everyone should bring the change around with the resources we are given.

About partner : This is the hardest part, not because I have nothing to say)) Every woman has plenty to say, but because you never know what is best for you. I definitely want an open minded, grounded, wise, reliable, trustworthy, intellectual, caring, loving life man. A man who will be able to protect me in hard times and boost my energy during smooth sailing. It has to be a balance, we have to feel each other at all time and know each other inside out in order to be able to cater to the needs of the partner. We need to want to fill the empty credit line called marriage with understanding each other and precious moments of togetherness. Happiness is not granted, it is earned together by making a choice of stepping towards each other in each given moment, not away.