Top-10 most popular Ukrainian female names

Remember how Bruce Willis’s hero in the ‘Pulp Fiction’ film said while in the taxicab that American names don’t mean anything? Well, that’s not true, as most names definitely mean something – only the meaning has to be found. In this article, we are going to tell you the meaning of Ukrainian girl names.

Most popular names in Ukraine

In addition to being pretty, girls of Ukraine also carry beautiful Slavic girl names, which add to their beauty when spoken. The list of most popular Ukrainian names is as follows:

  1. Natasha (or Natalya). Yes, this name has huge popularity in Ukraine and Russia and has become a frequent guest not only in the tops of popular Ukrainian names for girls but also in the West. Did you know that ‘Natasha’ means ‘the Birth’ from Latin “Natalis Domini”?
  2. Anastasia (or Nastya). From Greek, it means ‘Return to Life’, ‘Resurrection’, ‘Immortality’. Pretty wisely to name your baby with this one, which is included to the top of Ukrainian girl baby names.
  3. Kristina (Khrystyna or Kris as short). Needless to say, it takes its origins from ‘Christ’, and sounds very powerfully and juicy. That is an obvious reason why it is amongst top Ukrainian baby names.
  4. Darya is definitely amongst the most common Ukrainian names. Seems like it is a derivative from the male name Dariy (in Greek, Dareos). It is an Old Persian name, which consists of two syllables, which together mean ‘the one who owns wealth’.
  5. Yulia (or Julia, as an English variance) is amongst pretty Ukrainian girl names. It has two variances of origins. The one is connected directly to Julius, one of Latin emperors (Gaius Julius Caesar), after which the month of July was named. Also, Julia means ‘the one born in July’. Another origin is Greek, which translates as ‘fluffy’, ‘curly’, ‘wavy’.
  6. Sasha (Olexandra) is one of the top popular names in Ukraine. It is definitely a female option of the name ‘Alexander’, which has become popular after Alexander the Great, the ancient king of Macedonia, who nearly conquered half of the world. It translates as ‘winner’, ‘conqueror’, ‘defender’ – obviously, after the great deeds of this ruler, no other meaning would make sense.
  7. Maria (Mary) is one of the popular Ukrainian names. It has old Hebrew origins, sending us to the name of Virgin Mary. The possible translations are ‘bitter’, ‘desirable’, ‘serene’. Who would have known that Serene as a name is an analogue of Mary?
  8. Sofia is one of the beautiful Ukrainian girl names. It is translated from Greek as ‘wise’, ‘wisdom’, ‘science’, ‘smart’. Indeed, we haven’t met too many women named Sofia, who wouldn’t have wisdom in the core of their life and acts.
  9. Victoria (Vika) Ukrainian name. This name is the direct translation of Latin – ‘victorious’. It’s simple in this case.
  10. Anna (Ann). There exist several possible translations of the meaning of this name: ‘courage’, ‘strength’, ‘grace’. It is believed that Christ’s grandmother was named Ann. Probably, it is one of not only the most popular Ukrainian baby names but also those for babies of the entire world due to the name’s extensive history. It also has additional meaning – ‘God’s Mercy’ because it is also believed in Christianity and Catholicism that Ann and her husband Joachim gave birth to Mother of God after two years of fruitless attempts to conceive a baby.

So now you know, which names are most widespread on the territory of Ukraine and what are possible names for your mutual daughter should you conceive one with your Slavic bride.