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Dear Gentlemen,
for some period of time we continue our work in Berlin, Germany.
Annabel marriage agency still provides a qualified, honest, and reliable individual matchmaking service and helps busy individuals meet the Life partner that fits all realistic criteria. 

Book a free consultation by phone - a 15-minute introductory call that will help you determine which service is right for you

For clients using our Introduction Service, we also offer additional personalized consultations with Anna Chernenko. These consultations provide clients with the opportunity to speak directly with our founder and gain valuable insights into the matchmaking process. During these consultations, Anna will provide guidance and support to help clients build successful relationships and address any misunderstandings that may arise within their partnership. Whether you need advice on communication, dating etiquette, or any other aspect of building a successful relationship.

100 EUR Consultation With A Professional Matchmaker

As a successful professional, you've probably heard of personalized matchmaking services. What's the point of achieving success if you don't have someone special to share it with? At some point, we all yearn for love and companionship, someone to share our life experiences with. If you're at a point in life where you're seeking a committed relationship and a partner to truly share your life with, then perhaps it's time to consider personalized matchmaking services with one-on-one support and guidance from Anna Chernenko, your personal matchmaker.

As a personal matchmaker, Anna works closely with each VIP client to understand their unique preferences and desires, using her expertise in exclusive "Love Headhunting" to find them the ideal match for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Exclusive headhunting is done among Ukrainian and Slavic women that live in Europe or in the USA. With Anna's personalized approach, clients can rest assured that they will receive the best support and guidance throughout the matchmaking process. The cost for this personalized VIP matchmaking service is available upon request.

Personalized Matchmaking Service

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to finding a match, our Introduction Service is available for a fee of 150 euros per contact, provided the woman agrees to the exchange. This service allows clients to exchange direct contact information with a potential match of their choice on our website.

150 Euros Introduction Service


Annabel marriage agency is not an online dating site, after registration, you will not be able to write or chat through the site with ladies whom you can see in the profile’s gallery.

Some profiles are hidden and open only for our clients, who start using our introduction or matchmaking service.

Any information provided is treated as confidential and not published on the site or any other place.

 “Annabel Marriage Agency” reserves the right to delete questionnaires that do not match with the agency’s orientation.