What are the most common characteristics of Ukrainian women

What are the most common characteristics of Ukrainian women

If you’re thinking about marrying a woman from Ukraine (or at least, start dating with her), then it is crucial to know, what are Ukrainian women traits.

Advantages of typical Ukrainian women

  1. When you’re coming from the civilized West, it may be discouraging to you to see that Slavic people don’t smile. At least, the way you’ve got used to and consider inherent to people’s normal behavior. But that is not at all the sign of their hostility – it’s just the way they are raised and what is considered appropriate in their society. They do smile and laugh, however, but they put the sign of equation between the laughter and smile, and they don’t have such a thing as ‘duty smile’ or smile to someone because of catching an eye contact, out of respect, for openness in chatting and so on. They smile on something funny, with people they know, and with relatives. Simply get used to it and you’ll see that their hearts are even bigger than in most women of the west.
  2. Amazing beauty. They are so different from what is considered the norm in the West today! No matter what – they always have to look beautiful (manicure, pedicure, makeup, very nice outfits for all occasions, even mundane, nice smell of perfume or at least, of a clean body, fitting accessories, and elegant gaze). If a woman isn’t caring about her look – she must be a bum, terminally ill, or a heavy drunkard (only in these three cases women of Ukraine can look sloppy).
  3. Amongst the Ukrainian personality traits is the ability to cook deliciously. Yes, they do adore going to restaurants but due to their natural wisdom and the desire to spend money effectively, restaurants are good for special occasions. So, they cook a lot at home and they do it mostly deliciously (as they have to eat it;). Marrying one of the Ukrainian ladies, you will always be fed with delicious yummy things and can take home food to your work, reducing the expenses of your family’s budget.
  4. What do Ukrainians look like? Imagine a European/Caucasian-type of the face with brunette or blond hair (straight or curly), middle or big-sized eyes of green, blue, or gray colors; thin nose, white or slightly tanned pure skin, sometimes with freckles, and mostly round or oval face, sensual lips, and nice feminine chin. This is a portrait of an average Ukrainian.


Ukrainian characteristics (of dating)

Ukrainian women personality is also manifested in the way they prefer to date: