Marriage agency Annabel in Ukraine

Annabel Dating Agency in Ukraine is the best starting point for the development of a great romantic relationship, the result of which would be a wedding and a long life together.


Appreciate your time and do not waste it for flirt!

Our advantages and guarantees:

  1. Work integrity – no dummy meetings.
  2. Professional approach to solving delicate issues.
  3. Successful experience since 2002.
  4. Live meetings without long correspondence.
  5. The real address and office in the city center.
  6. Non-disclosure of personal data.
  7. Focus on quality, not on quantity.

What do we offer for men?

Profiles of men are not published on our site!
We interview every girl in the office of our marriage agency in Kiev!
With our help, you will soon meet your soulmate!


MATCHING the right person is getting more and more complicated – we all are busy, life speed is too high to stop and catch the moment, look into her eyes and assume that SHE is the one you were waiting for the whole life.

Annabel marriage agency has got an exclusive offer for you, gentlemen – MatchMe service will provide you with:


You click MatchMe button and Pay 550 Euros for the service

You send us your Story and Expectations about your Lady to, just do not hesitate to add “I want to Use MatchMe service” to the topic

You get back to your Email every single Matched Profile link with photos and direct contacts, including Messengers

You find your Perfect Match and live happily with her 365 days a year

You see? it’s really easy to do and pleasant to get.  By the way, we already have 5 Matches among 14 participants within 13 days after launch. So listen to your heart and start acting!

Any questions? We are here waiting for you

Get MatchMe  550 EUR

Only real and reputable Ukrainian ladies with serious intentions are welcomed to join our matchmaking service. That is why we have gained quite a big percentage of successful matches and now our couples live happily ever after in Ukraine and around the world.

Getting a matchmaking service is quite easy: only write to us on with a mark ‘”MatchMe” in the theme of your letter. You will receive a questionnaire to fulfill and, after you’ll get it back to us we’ll set a time for consultation with your personal matchmaker.

Be sure to attach several real photos – we aren’t willing to accept questionnaires without them as women must see whom they will date.

After the reception of your payment, we will grant you a MatchMe service.