ID: 4560

Name: Kristina

Date of birth: 1982

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 165

Weight: 54

Eye color: Gray-green

Hair color: brown

Education : 2 higher educations

Profession : designer

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Elementary

Additional foreign language : Норвежский

City: Norway, Sandnes

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 2 daughters born in 2004 and 2013

About me : I have a lot of energy, I always develop and learn, I am inquisitive, I have my own point of view and I support people who have individuality, I am an indestructible optimist, I will always find the positive in any situation. I can make friends and support people, I am a very strong person and have a strong and persistent character. If outwardly I am a fragile woman, then in a stressful situation I will be like 300 Spartans, collected and very carefully listen to my intuition and feel what to do. I am a businesswoman: I have always made money, opened businesses, and I have a creative nature inside me, I am creative. I had an advertising company for many years, then I opened a sewing workshop from it and took into account my experience in advertising and created unusual things. I like to be on the move, I prefer to travel a lot and learn new cultures. I am fond of meditation and healthy eating, I am a cultured and polite person. I experiment on myself and therefore I always know what is best for me personally and therefore I try not to impose my methods of life on people and respect other people's opinions. I am a strong empath and can easily read people and their desires. If I choose to go to a club in the evening or stay at home for a seminar or read, I choose to stay at home. Despite all my seriousness in business, I am a very easy person and I know how to be in a company or with friends that person with whom it will be interesting and fun. I love subtle humor, I love it when people understand by their eyes. I have a strong female energy and sometimes it knocks men down, they only see me as an object of desire, I understand this and would like a man who also sees my qualities of a real woman, devoted and faithful. I know how to make a king out of a man and with me he will feel my strong support, care and attention for him. I am caring and empathetic, I love to make surprises and take care of my man, I love to cook. I can share and control my character, at work I will be like a businesswoman, and at home I will be a soft and gentle wife. With all this, I can fly to Amsterdam with my man and go to entertainment clubs, plunge into the atmosphere of local entertainment. I am a very versatile person. I won't be bored)

My hobbies : I love to read books about development, business, brain, psychology, esotericism, nutrition, human physiology, I love to travel a lot, I have been doing sports all my life, I ride a bike, I go on tours in mountains and forests, I love to drive and travel long distances, I like to go to the movies, I like to swim and just sleep on the beach drinking cocktails. I like to drink white wine in the evening and light the fireplace.

About partner : Oh) Everything that I described about myself, I think it would be logical to see it in him. First of all, he must be a man with the principles of a cultured, decent and developing person. In a man, I want to see a reliable shoulder and support. I have always made money, but I think that this is a hobby, a hobby, my man must be a strong businessman and I want to see authority in him. My man should be generous and attentive to me. If he has a bad memory for the holidays, then I will remind him of everything and tell him everything how I love and how I want and what I want. Just as important is his physical health and the desire to maintain a healthy body, go in for sports and possibly spiritual practices, but it is not necessary for a man to be directly spiritual. The main thing is that he does not deny it in me, does not criticize. Loyalty and devotion are just as important, I faced betrayal and I can say that I do not give a second chance, there is no point in wasting your life on pain and suffering. I want to enjoy life, always be positive, relax and do what I love. Life is one and I want to spend it as positively as possible, have fun, travel and have fun.
Perhaps the most important thing will be the chemistry between us, since nature has endowed us with such feelings and you can’t deceive them. I think it's better to see once than text a hundred times.