ID: 4535

Name: Nataliia

Date of birth: 1975

Sign: Aries

Height: 164

Weight: 72

Eye color: Gray-blue

Hair color: Blonde

Education : University

Profession : Fashion designer, own workshop.

Smoking: No smoking


Language level : No

City: Kyiv

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 1 son 24 y.o.

About me : I really love coziness and I love to create it in the interior in my free time, this is my favorite pastime, I even think about doing a bas-relief and restoration of old things. I'm all wondering what can be done, for example, from clay or epoxy. I am fascinated by creative and talented people with exquisite taste.
I have the same attitude to cooking and serving dishes and serving the table. Because I am convinced that this is also a great art, just like conducting a conversation and meeting friends and holding events. In my understanding, this is a separate and subtle topic of the art of communication. I believe that exactly as the foundation should be an idea and a plan.
Also, I am constantly fond of reading books on psychology or listening to audiobooks.
My permanent job is to create clothes mainly for women, so I don’t suffer from this lack of communication)) .. I used to do charity work and shows, and recently quarantine has made its own adjustments and I am not doing this yet. But it is not uncommon to meet me at various events related to fashion and so on. After all, there are many of my friends there and often it helps to expand the circle of acquaintances or new clients.

My hobbies : Sometimes there are days when I just like to sleep, watch a movie and do nothing.

About partner : I dream of falling in love and being loved. Ideally, this is a kind man - my age.
Kind and attentive, outwardly quite handsome, courageous and intelligent. With serious work. I would like to have constant romance and chic intimate relationships at the highest level. So that we travel together often, visiting unique places.