ID: 4547

Name: Olga

Date of birth: 1983

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 162

Weight: 55

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: brown

Education : University

Profession : Entrepreneur

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Elementary

City: Sweden, Stockholm

Marital status : Divorced

Children: 1 son 18 y.o

About me : I'm multifaceted, open to everything new, emotional lady, like comfort, sometime impulsive, creativity in painting and in my clothing 's style. I have a good intuition i can feel when the person lies always on the side of justice. If i really like something much, passionate about then i put myself into that totally. Don't like feel like someone try commanded by me, control or say what i must to do. What's i work by my own. I'd like to have a good influence on man he could feel like his "wings opened" with me. I'd like to inspire him and make him happy.

My hobbies : Lerning myself, to travel to where i've never been yet, needlework, wool jewelry, sports, yoga, spirituality, dorami, cinema, swimming, care about plants and have a sincere conversations.

About partner : Kind, serious but at the same time with a good sense of humor. Could show me tenderness and openness toward me. Could be a sober and adequate person, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, sensual and understanding man. Dont control me, and tell what i have to do and what not. Be able to give me the opportunity to develop and aslo work about self development. Could make me happy and feel beloved woman.