ID: 4402

Name: Yuliia

Date of birth: 1988

Sign: Cancer

Height: 174

Weight: 58

Eye color: Gray-green

Hair color: Dark blonde

Education : University

Profession : Journalist

Smoking: No smoking

Languages: English

Language level : Elementary

City: Iceland

Marital status : Never been married

Children: No children

About me : I am a person interested in and loving life! I don't need sugary sweetness - I feel the world better in all its real contrasts. Sometimes I like it on the edge, and sometimes in complete relaxation. I am against to hurry myself and others, and to keep into frames !!! I like chill evenings close to fireplaces and campfires, and I had parachute jumping and I love karting. I like conscious and sensible risk! - for example, if this is a motorcycle hobby - then in all equipment and riding according to all the rules !! and at the same time to feel the speed and exciting adrenaline. It's not for every day - but it is in me. I don't like half measures, or when a person says “Yes” and at the same time a poisonous “but” sounds. I am for certainty and, first of all, for myself. I am for the strength of character, will, intellect and the desire to develop oneself as a person in all parameters - the depth of the soul, the versatility of perception, the physics and health of the body.

My hobbies : Sports: jogging 10 km, pole dance, gym - general fitness. I love taking photos. I love cooking interesting dishes - try and discover the tastes of countries of the world - for PP!!! Recently I started veganism - but this is for myself. I myself was a connoisseur of meat dishes - that's why I'm calm about meat eaters). I sew and paint for pleasure. I also like coastal tourism and travel in general.

About partner : All that concerns the qualities listed in and about myself. I am for a strong man in every sense and every possible aspect. I want it to be interesting and enjoyable for us to go through life together. I will be a tender loving caring woman, wife and a reliable person next to - a friend in life - a soulmate! So that together there was something to talk about and the pleasure of being silent. Age yo to 40 y.o.