MATCHING the right person is getting more and more complicated – we all are busy, life speed is too high to stop and catch the moment, look into her eyes and assume that SHE is the one you were waiting for the whole life.

Our agency makes an exclusive offer for those who want to take a maximum of advantages and to receive special privileges. The membership costs 670$ (550 Euros) for 3 months.  You will have the opportunity to ask our agency for as many ladies as you like and contact them directly, and not through the agency, by Skype/Zoom or WhatsApp with those who will be interested in getting to know you.

MatchMe service will provide you with:

We already have 25 Matches among MatchMe members within a year after launch.


You fill out our extended questionnaire where you describe your Perfect Lady and tell us more about yourself.  Send the questionnaire to with the subject “I want to Use MatchMe service”.

You get back to your Email every single Matched Profile link with photos and direct contacts, including Messengers and Social Network Account

Based on your questionnaire and after the interview with a matchmaker, we will personally select appropriate candidates for you and send you their profiles. If there is a mutual interest, we share your contact details and you start communication with the lady directly.


Payment for MatchMe service is not refundable

Get MatchMe service-  550 EUR